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Honey Possum

Honey Possum

Tarsipes rostratus

 On the scarlet honeymyrtle
tongue deep in the blossom,
supping like a hummingbird
a tiny honey possum,

 tail twining in the petals
putting pollen on her nose,
a possum blossom pollinator
as flower to flower she goes.


 Honey possums are so tiny (40 -90 cm), they need constant supplies of pollen and nectar to survive. They live in one small part of south-eastern Australia, and have a symbiotic relationship with the flowering plants there, passing on pollen as they feed.

Honey possums are unique in several ways. They are not true possums; they are the sole survivor of another marsupial group. They have the largest testes, the largest sperm and the tiniest live young of any mammal. Honey possums are common in their area, but this is declining due to loss of habitat for agriculture. Other threats include bush burning, flower picking and domestic cats.

Illustration and poem © Liz Brownlee



  1. These is a really sweet short poem! Nice work :)

  2. Liz

    Sweet little poem – do you do your own drawings too?

    • Hi Liz! Yes, I do – well, I did bamboo frog and honey possum, but the illustrations in my book are done by the wonderful artist Rose Sanderson.

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