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I’m a National Poetry Day Poetry Ambassador!

National Poetry Day is on the 2nd of October this year, and I have been made an Ambassador along with four other children’s poets – Paul Cookson, Jan Dean, Brian Moses, and Roger Stevens. You can see pictures of them all here: National Poetry Day Ambassadors. The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day is …

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For twenty one years we have not used any chemical fertiliser or pesticide, and this year we have a hedgehog! I am SO thrilled. Now our garden is virtually free of slugs – our plants this year have thrived, even the things that are usually eaten before they reach a few inches of height! The first thing …

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Reading at Bristol Festival of Nature

Bristol is a very special place – for instance it is the centre of world wildlife films and the very best are made here. In fact my own husband won ‘The Golden Panda’ for being the best wildlife film editor a few years ago. Once a year a nature festival is held around the harbour – here …

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Gerard Benson, poet

Gerard and Cathy Benson. The inimitable Gerard Benson, actor, poet, raconteur, book reviewer, editor and co-founder of the ‘Poems on the Undergound’ project, former Barrow poet, former teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama, died on Monday evening, 28th April 2014. He was an immensely talented poet – and any poem read in …

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A-Z Challenge Reflections

Magnetic poetry image by Natalie Roberts on Flikr. . Well… another A-Z has sped by! Once again, it has amazed me what a variety of blogs there are, and how amazing it is that just 26 letters can express so many words and so many worlds. (If you’d like to play on a magnetic poetry set, visit …

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Z is for Zebra

Image by amateur_photo_bore on Flikr. . There are three species of zebra – Plains zebra (with 6 subspecies, one extinct), Mountain zebra (with 2 subspecies) and Grévy’s zebra. Although some species overlap in their habitat, they do not interbreed, and although in captivity Plains zebra can interbreed with Mountain zebra, Grévy’s zebra suffer a high rate …

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Y is for Yellow-Bellied Voiceless Tree Frog

Image © and by permission of Dr Rafe Brown, University of Kansas. . The yellow-bellied, voiceless tree frog lives in trees of the cloud forest in Mexico. It has always been rare, and not much is known about it – it is presumed to breed in the abundant vegetation around the rocky forest streams in the …

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X is for Xenosaurus grandis

Knob-scaled lizard (Xenosaurus grandis), photographed by and with permission of  Richard Sage, University of California. . The knob-scaled lizard (Xenosaurus grandis) is a lizard that lives in tropical rainforests in Mexico and Guatemala. It is active in the day, and skulks alone inside rock crevices in cliff faces – it can also be found in holes in …

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W is for White-Tailed Deer

White-tailed deer by Rick Cameron on Flikr. . The white-tailed deer lives in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America down to Peru. It has a horizontally split pupil that allows it good vision in the dark and by day. They eat a large number of foods, including legumes, shoots, leaves, cacti and …

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V is for Viper

Eyelash pit viper image by Geoff Gallice on Flikr. . . Eyelash Pit Viper Eyelash pit vipers are beautiful snakes that come in a variety of colours. They live in tropical rainforest, montane forest and cloud forest in Central and northern South America. They are arboreal, and ambush prey – they wait hidden under leaves, …

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