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National Poetry Day Film, Bright Spark

Today it’s time for the third film in the series of poems about light for National Poetry Day, read by people whose ways of life or jobs are connected to light. This poem is written by Michaela Morgan, and read by Eleanor Trapp, partner, in John Lewis lighting department. Thank you very much Michaela Morgan – …

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National Poetry Day Film, Light and Moths

Every Monday and Thursday until National Poetry Day I will be posting a new film of a person whose way of life or job is connected with light reading a poem about light. Today’s reader is Amar Shar, Optometrist, Bristol – my optometrist, actually, and a wonderful range of frames can be found in his shop! …

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National Poetry Day Poem

In the run up to National Poetry Day, I will be posting some poems about its theme, Light! . Enlightenment . This word is in a dancer’s spring; paper aeroplanes in flight; water spraying rainbows; an understanding within sight; a feather floating, slowly; it is needed in the night. In a field of swaying sunshine …

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The Light of National Poetry Day 2015!

Yes! It’s that time of year again – the run up to the amazingly stupendous and exciting National Poetry Day, the ‘annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical’, to quote the Forward Arts Foundation, the charity committed to widening poetry’s audience. I am one of the charity’s National Poetry Day Ambassadors. This year …

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Clippa (CLPE) Poetry Award!

I received a wonderful invitation to go and see the announcement of the CLIPPA 2015 – the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education Poetry Award, on 16th July. This prestigious award is tragically the only one given to an author for a children’s poetry book, or an editor for a children’s anthology. The ceremony was held …

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A Grand Appeal!

This year 70 Shaun the Sheep statues have appeared all around Bristol. The Shaun in the City Bristol trail is raising money for The Grand Appeal, The Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity. Each sheep has been painted by a different artist or celebrity, and they make quite a spectacle. We visited the Gromit trail a couple of …

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Advance Poetry Retreat 2015

Every year, I have the enormous pleasure of getting together with a group of children’s poets. This was organised in the beginning by Roger Stevens, after talking to Brian Moses about how isolated children’s poets are. Roger decided to invite a group of children’s poets to a retreat so they could meet. That is how I found …

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‘eclectic IRON’, Seaside Festival

My publisher, Peter Mortimer at Iron Press, invited me to read at the ‘eclectic Iron‘ Seaside Festival of Words, Music and Oddities. The last (IRON AGE) festival, celebrating 30 continuous years of publishing by Iron Press, was called by author David Almond ‘the best blooming festival I’ve ever been to’. So we knew we were in …

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A-Z Reflections

This is the fourth year I have taken part in the A-Z Blog Challenge, and I enjoyed it very much, as usual.  Thank you to Arlee and all the other organisers and minions for their hard work. Here is my traditional little photo of my assistance dog in celebration of having finished again: This year has …

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Z is for Zorro

‘Zorro’ is Spanish for fox, and is also the name of a South American dog-like canid that looks very like a fox, but which is not. But so little is know about this elusive wild dog, I found I couldn’t write much about it – or write a poem. It eats small mammals, has small …

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