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New Poetry Books (I am in!)

Recently, two rather lovely poetry books have been published, and both of them feature poems by me, so I thought I’d share their stories. The first is this one: I was first approached by John Tennent in May, 2013. He is a global authority on butterflies and a dedicated reader of poetry – and also, …

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National Poetry Day Poem Prizewinners!

As the excitement of National Poetry Day fades, I have been reviewing all the wonderful poems written, and the winners have been decided! Adult category winner – Emlyn Bainbridge, for this lovely poem: Teenage category winner – Ewan Walton, 14, for his poem, I am a Whisper.  There were many excellent poems in the children’s section, …

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National Poetry Day 2015 – the photos!

National Poetry Day is over – I miss all the excitement of getting everything ready, but as I have loads of projects to throw myself into, I’m not totally bereft of poetic excitement in my life. The films of fourteen people whose lives contain light reading poems about light went down very well, and I wrote …

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Today is National Poetry Day!

It’s National Poetry Day today! The theme is LIGHT! As regular readers will know, I have been filming, with the help of my film-editor husband Pete, people whose jobs or ways of life are connected with light, reading poems about light. This is the final film – a mash of people with jobs to do with …

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In the Guardian!

Today the Guardian Children’s pages published an article by me, about the National Poetry Day films. Here it is! Guardian Article And here is me, along with all the other National Poetry Day Ambassadors,  on the Young Writers blog: Young Writers Blog        

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National Poetry Day, Six Facts About Light

Today is the Eve of National Poetry Day! Here is the penultimate poem – this is a special extra – a ‘mash’ of children in Bristol on the 8th and 9th of August reading Rachel Rooney‘s poem, Six Facts About Light. As you will see, they made a fantastic job of it, congratulations, George, Georgina, …

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National Poetry Day, Nightingale.

Only two days to go until National Poetry Day!!! Poem number 14, in this series of poems incorporating light, read by people whose ways of life or jobs are connected with light, is written by me. It is read by wildlife cameraman and producer Matt Brierley, and is a poem about the nightingale. This bird, famous for …

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National Poetry Day at Waterstone’s Bristol!

Don’t forget that on National Poetry Day, Thursday 8th of October, from lunchtime, and on Saturday 10th October, 10am – 4pm, I will be at Waterstone’s bookshop, The Galleries, Broadmead, waiting to see you! I will have my famous giant magnetic poetry boards with me, along with the super-sized magnetic poetry, with words about light …

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National Poetry Day, Dazzle Dance!

We have a Dazzle Dance for today, as this is the start of National Poetry Day week! There will be a poem film a day this week until Thursday, NPD! As I was researching people whose jobs contained light to read poems about light, I thought a fire performer would be fun. I left messages on …

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National Poetry Day, I Wasn’t Me Tonight

This is the start of National Poetry Day week, and to celebrate, here is a poem for Sunday! There will be a poem with light in every day this week read by people whose jobs are connected with light. This poem is read by Senior Keeper Emily Pugh, of Twilight World, Bristol Zoo (where, incidentally, you can …

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