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National Poetry Day, I Wasn’t Me Tonight

This is the start of National Poetry Day week, and to celebrate, here is a poem for Sunday! There will be a poem with light in every day this week read by people whose jobs are connected with light. This poem is read by Senior Keeper Emily Pugh, of Twilight World, Bristol Zoo (where, incidentally, you can …

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National Poetry Day, Diwali

National Poetry Day is only one week away! This is film number 12 in my series where people whose ways of life or jobs contain light, read poems incorporating light. Hindu people all over the world celebrate Diwali, a five day festival of lights in October or November, at the start of the Indian business year. Diwali means …

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National Poetry Day, Angels

Film number 11 for National Poetry Day! Researching churches to find one that might have a Priest or Vicar that would read a poem for us, I came across the website for the beautiful, ancient church in the centre of Bristol, Saint Stephen’s. The Priest-in-charge of Saint Stephen’s and Holy Trinity, Hotwells, Reverend Lee Barnes, says …

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National Poetry Day, Carry Me Away

Film number 10 in the series for National Poetry Day! Where to go to find an old-fashioned projector and a modern-day projectionist? The cultural cinema (and digital creativity centre) Watershed, Bristol of course. Ewan Dunford gives a lovely reading of Matt Goodfellow‘s beautiful poem, Carry Me Away. Thanks, Ewan, Matt and Watershed. National Poetry Day is organised by …

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National Poetry Day, Lightship

One of the obvious places to film a person whose job is connected to light was at a lighthouse. I knew there wasn’t one of those around – but when I mentioned this on Facebook, amazingly, I was told by Dru Marland that there is a lightship in Bathurst Basin, Bristol Harbour. An email or …

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National Poetry Day Films, Supernova

Film number eight today in the series of National Poetry Day films where people whose ways of life or jobs are connected with light read poems incorporating light. When I was researching people whose jobs were connected with light, the obvious choice was an Astrophysicist/Cosmologist. Consequently I wrote to the Physics Department at Bristol University, and received several …

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Light Poems on Bunting Event!

Light poems read by people with light in their lives is not my only project this National Poetry Day! On October 10th I’ll be at Waterstones, The Galleries, Bristol, with my GIGANTIC magnetic poetry sets – 120 cm boards with giant words. This is an event FOR ALL AGES! Come along to play with the words and write …

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National Poetry Day Films, Battling Fire

Film number SEVEN in the series of National Poetry Day films where people whose ways of life or jobs are connected with light read poems incorporating light. Today’s poem is a rather exciting – Paul Cornelius, fire fighter for Avon Fire and Rescue, reads Battling Fire by Mary E. Cronin, from her future collection for children, Trucks, Boots …

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National Poetry Day Film, Snow Geese Solstice

Film six in the series of National Poetry Day films made by Peter Brownlee and me. People whose ways of life or jobs are connected with light read poems incorporating light – today, an actress in the ‘spotlight’, Slavka Liskova, reads Snow Geese Solstice by Susan Richardson. Thank you to Susan Richardson for use of this beautiful poem, …

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TWO National Poetry Day Films!

Another two poems in the series leading up to National Poetry Day on October 8th. The first film is one of our people whose way of life or job is connected to light reading a poem about light. Bob Guscott, photographer, of Clifton Colour, Bristol, reads Writing Light, for a photographer, by Lesley Saunders. Thank you …

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