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‘eclectic IRON’, Seaside Festival

My publisher, Peter Mortimer at Iron Press, invited me to read at the ‘eclectic Iron‘ Seaside Festival of Words, Music and Oddities. The last (IRON AGE) festival, celebrating 30 continuous years of publishing by Iron Press, was called by author David Almond ‘the best blooming festival I’ve ever been to’. So we knew we were in …

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A-Z Reflections

This is the fourth year I have taken part in the A-Z Blog Challenge, and I enjoyed it very much, as usual.  Thank you to Arlee and all the other organisers and minions for their hard work. Here is my traditional little photo of my assistance dog in celebration of having finished again: This year has …

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Z is for Zorro

‘Zorro’ is Spanish for fox, and is also the name of a South American dog-like canid that looks very like a fox, but which is not. But so little is know about this elusive wild dog, I found I couldn’t write much about it – or write a poem. It eats small mammals, has small …

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Y is for Yak

Today is Y for Yak, scheduled a while ago. I would like to dedicate it to the memory of those who have died and to all those suffering in and around this breathtakingly beautiful area right now due to the devastating earthquakes. This image of a Tibetan domestic yak was taken by Dennis Jarvis, on …

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eXtra eXcellent Poet Gerard Benson

If you are looking for my actual A-Z post for ‘X’, please scroll down below this ‘Xtra’ post. One year ago today, the wonderful Gerard Benson (poet, actor, raconteur, book reviewer, former Barrow Poet, and former teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama) died. I couldn’t let this day pass without reposting this …

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X is for Xenarthra – Armadillos

Xenarthra is a superorder of animals, the word literally means ‘strange joints’ or joints that have unusual articulation, and animals this includes are Folivra (sloths etc.), Pilosa (anteaters etc.) and Angulata (armadillos etc.). I’m going to do the pink fairy armadillo,  because someone asked me to, on one of my first posts, and the hairy, screaming …

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W is for Water Vole

There are 3 types of cute vole living in the UK and this is the biggest, at 4.5-9 inches – a water vole. This brilliant image has been taken by the prolific nature photographer, Peter Trimming, on Flikr. ‘Ratty’ in The Wind in the Willows was not a rat at all, but a water vole.  …

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V is for Venezuelan Pebble Toad

This is rather an endearing little toad, photographed by Gérard Vigo – one of the differences between frogs and toads is that toads do not have such long, strong, back legs as frogs, and move by small hops or walking. This little toad has found a way to escape from its predators (mainly the toad-eating …

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U is for Underwater

This photo was taken by the fabulously talented Stefan Siebert, who has kindly given me permission to show it here. It is an extraordinarily beautiful creature, a tiny (about 5mm) underwater crustacean. It is a species of Sapphirina copepod – in the same family as woodlice and crabs. They are usually invisible. Until that is, they catch the …

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T is for Tarsier

Today it’s T for tarsier – a heart-meltingly cute little creature – this one is from the Philippines, an image by Yeowatzup on Flikr. The Philippine tarsier is only 3-6 inches in length (not including its surprisingly long tail) which makes it hard to spot – it’s one of the smallest primates. Tarsiers live on …

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