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T is for Turtle

Image © US Fisheries and Wildlife, Becky Skiba on Flikr. . Turtle . A warm, salty breeze blows over the turtles, asleep in their nests under sand in the bay, the touch of soft starlight, the sound of the sea’s song, calling to wake them and bear them away, . they surface and tiptoe out …

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S is for Sloth

Two-toed sloth by Marie and Alistair Knock on Flikr. . Sloth . He hangs like a cloth infested by moth and his face has no forehead or chin, but he carries it off, the loveable sloth for his rest is a hug and a grin. . . There are six species of sloth, some two-toed …

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R is for Rhinoceros

Image © International Rhino Foundation on Flikr. . Rhino . Who am I, in the dust dripping blood, . built like stone from elephant grass, and cooled by mud? . Who am I, dripping blood down my chin, . shot through my shields of mosaic skin? . Who am I, dripping blood, face hacked and …

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Q is for Quokka

Quokka by David Burton on Flikr. . Quokka . A quokka is marsupial so lives where it is hot, it has a jumping habit and seems to smile a lot, . Australia’s fox and dingoes will scoff them on the trot, Oz was chock-a-block-a-quokkas, but now they’re hard to spot. . . I do love …

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P is for Pelican

Pelican photo by Richard Taylor on Flikr. . Pelican . A pelican is mainly bill to net a shoal of fin and gill, he likes to scoop and then consume his seafood soup without a spoon, he simply invites fish inside then swallows till he’s goggle-eyed. . . The name pelican derives from an Ancient Greek word, …

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O is for Orangutan

Orangutan . The canopy breathes its whisperings quietly, clouds down drip trip jagged paths where gleaming, teeming greens wrap time between the rains. . The man of the forest reaches two ways to grasp loosely sprung swung branch from branch, he is light upon the forest, . through flowers like birds, blurred birds brightening . …

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N is for Night Heron

Night Heron photo by Paruula on Flikr. . . Night Heron . Night heron unhooks his hunch to seek . lucent-eyed fish dark-blinded, sleek, . precise as starlight, steps the creek, . sharp crimson eyes and black-knifed beak, . reflection-less he’ll slice the deep, . fish stunned then swallowed still asleep. . . Black-crowned night herons …

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M is for Moth – Moon Moth

Photo by © John Saxon on Flikr. . Luna Moth . As slight as moonlight on a leaf, . her fleeting life is just as brief, . she takes her form from air and flight, . negotiates the chinks of night, . she flies alone, unknown, unseen, . wafts the skies in palest green, . …

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L is for Leveret (baby hare)

Leveret by Laurence Poulange on Flikr. . Leveret . His coverlet, sky, he nestles flat there, ears lowered over his stillness and stare, . till dark wraps the stars, safe hidden where he’s a patch of earth fur, this little brown hare. . Hope buzzard or owl don’t sudden the air; his only defence is his …

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K is for Kingfisher

. The Kingfisher . The kingfisher drinks sun for glistening feathers blue light and sunset, . his flight along the river is fired from the glitter and shimmer of water. . Feeding only on sleek silver and glare, . he dazzles momentarily like lightning, . then disappears. . . The kingfisher’s feather pigments are actually …

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