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Elephant mother

Elephants communicate with a very deep note which can travel through the ground. After she gives birth, an elephant mother sings a low note of greeting to her baby.

Illustration © Liz Brownlee
First published in ‘Shouting at the Ocean’ Hands Up Press 2009

This post is copyright material with all rights reserved, please do not re-post elsewhere.


  1. jeglatter

    Love this!:)


    • Thank you! I couldn’t find your blog, WordPress says you have deleted it…


      • jeglatter

        I just checked, my blog is there for me to see at least now.:) I just have to say again, love this post…love the image and poem.


  2. I love it too. I’d no idea elephant mothers greeted their babies with a low hum. And what a beautiful picture.


  3. I’m thrilled that this will appear in my next anthology – A Time to Speak (and a Time to Listen) due out in January 2013. I love this poem. And elephants. x


  4. Thank you Celia! i didn’t know, or had forgotten that! Would you rather I took it down, I don’t mind at all!


    • No, of course not. In any case, the copyright remains with you. I’m just proud that it’ll be in the Schofield and Sims book when it arrives. x


  5. Not as proud as me!

    I’m still admiring the RSPB anthology of Wildlife Poems you edited, I can’t believe how beautiful it is.


  6. Lorraine

    You should be Liz Brownlee, poet and illustrator, you know – the two add to each other.


  7. Liz

    Beautiful poem, Liz, and I love that every one comes with a snippet of information.


  8. Elephants amaze me (as does your illustration) – they have such capacity for empathy. They touch my heart.


    • Hello Pish posh, I have enjoyed your blog, and had no idea you enjoyed mine too, as all your comments are in my spam! thank you!


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