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Mermaid hunting in Bristol

Some of you may have heard that Bristol docks’ water quality has improved a lot in recent years, and is now so clean fish have been seen venturing up into Bristol.

But you may not have heard about this… Last Thursday evening in Bristol, I was astonished to be accosted by a clearly unhinged man claiming to be Professor Robert Chapman, Sirenologist – or mermaid hunter.


  1. snowbirdpress

    Hi, Liz, Looks like you wandered into something! 🙂 Who was taking the video????


  2. That is seriously odd:-)


  3. Liz

    How long before he was locked up?


  4. snowbirdpress

    Is he an actor or was this a real encounter with someone who obviously needed some help?


    • LOL! He’s my husband. And he’s really a film editor, who makes wildlife films – but he also acts, and was press-ganged into making a spoof film to advertise the fact that the water in the Bristol channel and docks is becoming clean enough even for mermaids!


      • snowbirdpress

        Hi Liz, I had a feeling he was an actor. 🙂 Only in Britain! 🙂 I’m afraid if something like that were to go on here, they might just lock him up and you’d all have a lot of explaining to do! Perhaps we here in the States should lighten up a bit?????


      • It would probably be more fun! But don’t worry, the others were all actors too – the chap in yellow is the head of sustainability at @Bristol, the science exploratory! He was so good lots of people have thought he was a real security guard…


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