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In the garden this morning… a demoiselle!

In May, out walking with my dog, I see these exquisite damselflies, the demoiselles, dancing in the sun and dappled shadows of the river margins. There are two varieties – these Beautiful Demoiselles, Calopteryx virgo and Banded Demoiselles, Calopteryx splendens – we are lucky to have both of them.

This morning whilst writing, behind the computer outside in the garden, I saw one flashing its wings in the apple tree branches. I grabbed the camera and took some photos through the window, but it seemed very settled in my hardy geraniums so I went outside, and managed to get two photos – the ones I wanted!

With wings shut:

With wings open:

This is an immature male – the mature male’s wings are blue-black. The females are a paler, greeny-brown. Fabulous! And only present in the west of England.


  1. Nice shot!


  2. Liz

    A damselfly looks like a miniature dragonfly – are they the same family?


  3. Lovely. Used to see loads of them as a kid in Berkshire – never realised they were all boys!


    • Well, the females would have been there too, they are just less noticeable.


  4. Great shot, Liz!


    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Jarm! But it was easy… nothing to it, with digital cameras, nowadays!


  5. These are wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.


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