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And now I have the set – a banded demoiselle!

Today I took my camera on my dog walk, and decided to try to get a banded demoiselle photo by the river. The banded demoiselles seem more skittish than the beautiful demoiselles – every time I raised the camera the one I was looking at would fly off in a flurry of beautiful four-spot winged flight!

And then Lola realised I was after these irritatingly teasing creatures and tried to chase after and get to each one before me, which wasn’t a lot of help…

I spent quite a lot of time there by the river in the nettles, and have the painful weals to prove it. What I really wanted was a photo of the banded demoiselle male on a buttercup with the sun out – a tall order as it seemed determined to hide behind thick grey clouds today.

But at last – I managed it! Hooray!

And with its wings open:


  1. Liz

    Well done – and such patience! Did you then find and use the dock leaves?


    • No! In fact I was so happy that I had the picture I didn’t notice the stings till that evening, when I wondered what all the huge red marks were on my arm and then remembered!


  2. Thought I’d left a comment! Guess not! Anyway, what I’d said was”Beautiful!”


    • Thank you, Donna! They certainly make my walks magical at the moment!


  3. Gorgeous, Liz…aren’t God’s creatures amazing? Such beauty and variety!!


    • They are fabulous – quite the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen!


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