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Extraordinary – male tiger takes on mother’s role

After their mother died from a blocked intestine in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India, experts feared for her two recently-weaned female cubs, only 4 months old.

It was thought they would die without support within a matter of days.

Nothing was seen of them for a couple of months – but then, caught on a series of camera trap pictures, a most amazing sight – their father, the dominent male of the area, walking with and caring for the cubs.

Nothing like this has ever been recorded before – read the full story, in Wildlife

How wonderful is that – and it gives me the chance to post my favourite picture, my tiger!

Tigers are endangered.

Read about other endangered animals in my book, Animal Magic, available here:

Animal Magic: Poems on a Disappearing World


  1. Great story – and great picture (or should that be grrreat?)


  2. Tigers are my favourite animal. And wow, how compassionate that story is! Maybe I’m biased as I was raised with a single dad, and it makes me feel a bit … you know, teary!


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