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Animal Magic talk

On Saturday, 8th September I was at the welcoming Downend Library, Bristol, to read poems from my book and talk about the animals to an estimated audience of about 40.

In fact, there were about 50 children ranging in age from about 4 to 11 – around about 10 adults and some fabulous librarians. These weren’t any old librarians – these were the type that offered and brought coffee and teas, to exact requirements, and BISCUITS.

Peter (my husband) made a video of photographs of the animals which were projected onto a large screen, kindly supplied by the library, which made explaining various aspect of the creatures much simpler. He also attended and was my roadie/technician/photographer – thank you, Peter!

I thoroughly enjoyed explaining all about mirror beetles and poisonous frogs, thank you, Downend children, for being such a wonderful audience.

After my talk, and biscuits and drinks for the children, they came back to hear about Lola!


Thank you Downend Library and staff, particularly Gill!

Read about endangered animals in my book, Animal Magic, available here:

Animal Magic: Poems on a Disappearing World


  1. Sounds like it was a big success. Encouraging children’s interest in animals and poetry is a great idea.


  2. Lorraine

    So glad it went well (though I never doubted it!) And well done to your resident expert in all things technical – you’re a great team. I include Lola in that too, naturally.


  3. Liz

    Well done Liz! Children are the most demanding of audiences.


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