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At the Society of Authors’ Children’s Writers’ and Illustrators’ Group Conference

I had a fabulous time last weekend at the above conference with Lola.

There was much talk about the state of the industry (not good, but better for children’s writers, apparently), the closure of libraries, and how to make the most of the internet as an author or illustrator. I went to very enjoyable individual group sessions on poetry and blogging.

Lola did a lot of sleeping under chairs – but she also made some new friends.

Here she is with the wonderfully talented Ros Asquith and equally talented and fabulously-shirted John Dougherty:

And being cuddled by another extraordinary illustrator and super-expert-fun-blogger, Sarah McIntyre:

I am hoping to incorporate lots of blogger tips from Sarah into my blog – watch this space for more authors and illustrators hugging the increasingly well-connected Lola.


  1. Sounds like fun and Lola brought some great energy!


  2. Hello, Mary! It was fun!


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