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Brilliant mockumentary – made me laugh… and cry.

Do watch this if you have ever used a plastic bag.

I was researching turtles this morning and came across this ‘mockumentary’ – a spoof documentary of a plastic bag and its lifecycle, filmed as if it’s sentient.



Plastic is building up and breaking down into minute pieces in the sea, the chemicals consumed by creatures that eat plankton, that are then eaten by bigger creatures, and then fish, that we then eat…

Plastic is also breaking down into minute pieces in the air, which we are all breathing in.

We have kept string bags in the boot of the car for about 5 years now. They hold more than plastic bags, and they don’t slip around in the back, spilling their contents. I thought it would be a pain remembering them, but now it’s an automatic thing we do – park, get out, get the bags, lock the car, go shopping.

Easy to save a turtle, or a dolphin, or seabird – and ourselves.




  1. We use ‘proper’ shopping bags too. I won’t claim never to have forgotten them, but most of the time I remember. Carrier bags are painful to carry if there’s anything heavy in them and liable to split so I prefer not to use them even withot taking environmental concerns into account.


    • Yes, we occasionally get into the shop and realise they are in the car! Nowadays we just take all the stuff to the car in the trolley and pack it into bags there, it was quicker than going out to the car to get them!


  2. I’m doing much better at remembering to bring my canvas bags to the store with me. Why do they keep making the plastic ones? Even paper bags are a better choice. I’ll do better in rejecting the plastic. Thanks.


    • Yay! Apparently the average person uses about 700 plastic bags a year. Incredible.


    • I laughed out loud. We have a husky. I often think I am waering fur socks.When is book # 2 coming out? I would imagine it’s as funny as you and your blogs.


  3. Liz

    Any plastic bags we get are recycled to carry our rubbish to the bins down the road. Shopping bags line our boot for the supermarket run, and I have a clever folding one for short trips. I saw some horrific photos of the damage our rubbish does to turtles when I watched two rehabilitated ones released into the sea this summer in Tenerife.


  4. Aw, oh dear. I see what you mean about the mixed emotions that generates…


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