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E is for Earthworm



Earthworms are VITAL! Earthworms burrow endlessly through the soil and break down all the organic litter and rubbish and recycle it into the soil, enriching and fertilising it, keeping it healthy with air and releasing trapped carbon dioxide.

Every plant in the world is serviced by earthworms, without them we would have no grass, trees, vegetables, fruit – no living, growing plants.

And not only that – we would have no birds, moles or badgers whose diet relies on these protein-packed animals to survive and feed their young.

There are about 27 species of earthworm in the UK alone, thousands worldwide, of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Viva earthworms!




  1. They are indeed vital. Having identified earthworm species and being a member of the ESB (Earthworm Society of Britain) I can safely say I loved this post 🙂
    Amazing creatures.



    • Jediya! I did not know that. This post and the next one have been really fabulously interesting!


      • I joined last year after doing an Earthworm ID course. Some of the people I work/ed with in entomology (soil biodiversity group) sorting/IDing invertebrates, at the NHM, are committee members. I actually plan to sample and ID the earthworm species in my own garden this year.


      • I’d love to know if you find something unusual!


  2. Superb. Did you know I have a collection of worm poems coming out next March, from A&C Black? (For 7s and under – but probably 50s and over, too!!)


    • I did not know that, Celia! If I had been asked to guess what the subject of your next book would be, worms would not have immediately sprung to mind!!! how fabulous. Good old worms. I’m suspecting that this will be all types of ‘worms’?


  3. A few years back we invested in a wormery and have been amazed at the fine soil these busy little workers produce in a relatively short time.


    • I didn’t know you get a wormery! Was it interesting to watch?


  4. Cool!

    I was thinking of using some form of Worm for my W post.

    Tim Brannan
    The Other Side and The Witch
    Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword
    The Freedom of Nonbelief


  5. Alex Johnson

    Hi Liz

    Please will you do the earthworm poem on May 18th for chelsea Fringe?!

    Am enjoying all the A-Z challenge but I specially love the Aye Aye poem




    • Of course… I have in my mind as I’m busy writing these that I need to be thinking about garden creatures! Sometimes it doesn’t work out of course…


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