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O is for Owl

burrowing-owl copy


Burrowing owls live in North and South America and differ in quite a few regards to other owls. For a start, they are diminutive – about 7.5 inches, at the most 11.

They are often active during the day, although they do hunt in the dawn and dusk.

These owls eat small vertebrates and also insects – and use animal dung around and in their holes to attract dung beetles to eat. Unusually for owls they also eat fruit and seeds.

In Canada they are classified as threatened by loss of habitat to land development, and the efforts to get rid of prairie dogs that live in the same territories. They will also be affected by climate change.

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  1. Thought at first this was a Little Owl but wasn’t aware of these Burrowing Owls. Interesting to see the interaction between species, too.


  2. Hello! Beautiful poem and picture of the owl. In middle school I had to dissect an owl pellet (I can’t remember what kind of owl though). It was incredible how many little bones were in it! Then we had to determine what kind of rodent the bones had belonged to.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines


    • Hello Laura, thank you! I’m coming to see you now…


  3. Anonymous

    This is so beautiful! Can’t wait to share your whole A-Z @ animals with my kiddos!!!
    -Annie Y


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