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T is for Tiger

I have posted this picture before – but not the blog.

crack tiger best


Sumatran tigers are critically endangered. They live in the same forests as Sumatran orangutans, also critically endangered. 80% of the forests they live in have been cut down. There are only 400 of these tigers left.

They are particularly interesting as they have some markers that show that they are genetically different from tigers on the mainland.

Not only is their forest being cut down for palm oil production, poaching is still at high levels, to feed the desire in Asian countries for tiger parts for medicines etc.

Palm oil is a cheap filler used in animal foods and also extraordinary numbers of supermarket products. EIGHT out of TEN products in UK supermarkets (and probably all supermarkets all over the world) contain palm oil, including things like Kitkats and washing powder. A report in the Independent newspaper stated that it’s in the top three loaves, most biscuits including McVities, Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate, many cereals, Utterly Butterly and many other spreads…

All of us are contributing to the loss of forest that is killing tigers, orangutans and all the creatures that live there.

Customers have a huge power to change. Ask questions. Email manufacturers demanding that they use sustainable oils in their products – it is often hidden under the term ‘vegetable oil’ in the list of ingredients. If ‘vegetable oil’ is listed and it doesn’t say which oil in particular ask the manufacturer what they use. Let them know you care.

All material © Liz Brownlee

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  1. Great theme for the A to Z challenge!


  2. Jemima Pett

    Oh no! I ate Cadbury’s Dairy Milk yesterday – something else to cross off the list 😦 Lovely poem – and thanks for visiting me.
    Jemima at Jemima’s blog


    • Hi Jemima, sorry I didn’t answer, this was in spam (must check it more often!)


      • Jemima Pett

        No problem – I had one or two lurking in there too!


  3. Some frightening statistics there, Liz, both about the low number of tigers and the high number of products using the palm oil. I was aware of the problem, especially related to Orangu,tans but had not realised just how extensive it was.
    Another lovely poem and illustration.


  4. Have you read The Tiger’s Wife? I’m not recommending it overall, but I found her portrayal of the tiger empathetic.



  5. Great advice. Didn’t know that about the kitkat bars, one of my kids’ favorites. Another fantastic poem.


    • It’s almost impossible to avoid the stuff! But emailing manufacturers is easy, and children quite enjoy doing that!


  6. Liz

    “Marked in each sleek stretch of soft-pawed pace”

    I read these words aloud several times to fix them in my head before bed because I simply love them.


    • Thank you, Liz! I enjoyed writing that poem. I love tigers. I enjoyed painting it on the computer as well!


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