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The End has come…


This is Lola, with the first buttercup of the year today in the field behind our house.

While the A-Z Challenge has been on, we have been on an hour walk a day. Today, Lola got an hour and a half, and she is very happy that the END has come.

I’m not! I have really enjoyed myself – last year my book was published in April and everyone thought I’d taken leave of my senses taking this on as well, but I managed.

And this year too,  I was appearing at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival, so like last year I started off by doing two posts a day and scheduling them – now this was hard when I was writing a poem and drawing and researching, but somehow I managed it, with some of the poems linked to photos instead!

Dear A-Z Bloggers, thank you for your comments and your varied and fabulous blogs, I wish I’d had more time to see all of them!

But I wish even more that all Blogger sites would accept my comments! Some do – those where a window appears to put details in. I can comment on those blogs, how wonderful! But the ones where there is just a list no…

I went so far as to get advice from the great and generous Arlee Bird on this issue. He replied in full – suggesting that I make a Blogger Blog to get round this problem. I did. I now have a blogger blog.

But this work-around did not work. Still unable to comment. I have left about I’d say 30 comments on blogs where my words just disappeared, which is very demoralising.

Anyhow – thank you for those follows, those comments, the appreciation, the fun!

Until next year! ~Liz xxx


  1. Liz

    All that effort for nothing is such a waste of time. Some blogs make it really difficult to find a comment box anyway – don’t they want them? And that’s a great photo of Lola – she’ll be glad to have more of your attention.


  2. Arlee Bird

    Hmm! I’m not sure what your problem could be, but having the Blogger account seems like it should have solved the problem. Not sure what else to suggest. You might try the Google/Blogger forums or just do a Google search of the problem you’re having and you should come up with an answer. That almost always seems to work for me. Good luck in finding a solution. I’m sure it must be frustrating for you.

    Thanks for the Reflections Post!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


    • Hello! My link from the Reflections Linky list still doesn’t work, I have no idea why! Can this be helped?

      I shall ask for an answer from Google about my troubles! I did manage to comment on loads of blogs in the end, almost all the WordPress ones and quite a lot of blogger sites. And I mailed some I couldn’t comment on.


      • Arlee Bird

        I just tested it on the list and the link worked fine for me. Alex (the one who administers the list) said there was a question mark in the original entry and he removed that. Try again and see if it works for you. The link did take me and Alex both to this post.

        An A to Z Co-Host
        Tossing It Out


  3. tvonzalez

    Lola looks A LOT like my first dog Bowser. What a cutie!

    Cheers from one AtoZer to another!


    • Thank you! She is a cutie! She is also my alert dog – she alerts me for low blood sugar, and also for high blood sugar and has saved my life on many an occasion. I owe her a lot. Cheers right back!


  4. stephscottil

    Well, you always win with a picture of a cute pup. 🙂


  5. Lola is cute.

    Heartiest congratulations on completion of your challenge.

    – Your fellow A to Zer
    Do check my reflections post at


  6. Liz

    Here I am again – via the list this time – YAY!


  7. I had similar problem with comments. The blogger account did seem to help, but sometimes if I switched screens part way through a comment it would get lost.

    I really like your A to Z theme. Poetry and I get to learn something new too. Great combination.


    • Hi joey, nice to meet you. Thank you – I’m off to see yours now!


  8. What a cutie!

    How annoying for your comments to just disappear.


  9. I enjoyed the challenge again this year. Your posts are so great. See you around the ‘sphere!


  10. This is an adorable picture, sorry to see you go!


    • Hello! Not going, just been very busy, too bizz to update the blog, but watch this space! This was just the end of the April Challenge A-Z, a blog a day on an endangered animal a day – I’m suffering from burnout!


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