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Lola’s Gromit-athon

Gromits have appeared all over Bristol, to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital. OH and I are going to donate to that appeal – BUT Lola is visiting each and every Gromit to have her photo taken to raise money for the charity she is trained by – Medical Detection Dogs.

I am diabetic, and have no warning symptoms of low blood sugar. I can do a blood test, find my blood sugar is normal, but quarter of an hour later have dropped to very low indeed. Lola is trained to alert me to the fact my blood sugar is dropping or too low, so I can take some glucose while I am still able to. She has saved my life at night many times.

Medical Detection Dogs also train dogs to help people with Addison’s disease, and are training/investigating/researching dogs to help people with severe pain seizures (if the dogs alert before the pain episodes the person does not need so much morphine or hospitalization) severe allergic responses (the dogs can detect the presence of the allergen) and narcolepsy, a disorder where people have sleep attacks and paralysis.

And another thing – they are researching dogs who have the ability to detect cancer in urine and breath samples, much earlier than medical science can do currently.

If you’d like to donate to Medical Detection Dogs to support Lola, and help this wonderful charity with their work, the link is below.

Lola’s Gromitathon here on JustGiving!

Here is Lola at Gromit number one painted by Nick Park himself, at Bristol City Museum! Lola is being encouraged by morsels of Wensleydale cheese of course.



  1. Liz

    Fantastic idea, Liz – and you’ll have fun visiting them all. Was the Golden Grommit really paint? It looks like bits of mirror.


    • You are absolutely right, Liz, it was bits of mirror, must have taken ages! i’ll have to put ‘decorated’ instead!


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