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Lola’s Gromit-athon 3…18 visited today!

Please see post 2 below for the information about Lola’s Gromit-athin, which she has undertaken with the help of morsels of Wensleydale to raise money for Medical Detection Dogs, who trained her.

This is the link to Just Giving, if you’d like to sponsor her:

We visited 18 Gromits today with Lola, who now gets on Gromit and poses automatically – we are exhausted… Lola is asleep on my feet. Here she is on a few of the Gromits we saw today!

Below is Sir Gromit of Bristol – he was fabulous, situated on the steps at St George’s Church off Park Street, decorated by Ian Marlow.



Below is rather a snazzy Gromit – he was outside the Pumphouse, painted by Simon Tozer.



And as a special treat for today, a third… Canis Major was at the Hotel di Vin, painted by Katy Christianson.




That’s all for today – we are off tomorrow to see if we can catch the one on the Matthew – the ship’s always sailed by the time arrive, we’ve tried 3 times now!

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  1. Well done, Lola! Loving the Sir Gromit of Bristol, especially


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