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Lola’s Gromitathon post 4 photos

Please see post below for the information about Lola’s Gromit-athin, which she has undertaken with the help of morsels of Wensleydale to raise money for Medical Detection Dogs, who trained her.

This is the link to Just Giving, if you’d like to sponsor her:

Today was another sunny day and we managed to do 21 Gromits… exhausted again, but Lola still seems very happy to sit with Gromits thank goodness!

We were lucky enough to be in Clifton near the suspension bridge while the red arrows were doing their display at the balloon fiesta, so got a fabulous view of that, along with loads of other Bristolians sitting on the grass watching.

Here are three of my favourite photos today…

Isambark Kingdog Brunel, at Temple Meads Station, painted by Tim Miness:


This next one was sent all the way to Pixar in the USA to be made into Gromit Lightyear! He was at the Showcase Cinema.


And lastly, there are also 40 small Gromits round Bristol, painted by ordinary people. They are not part of the tour, but we mentioned one we had seen to someone we were asking directions from in Clifton – and it turned out to be the artist! She gave us permission to take Lola’s photo with her dog, which was at Clifton College. Her name was Becky.


So cute, I think you’ll have to agree!

Off again tomorrow…


  1. Reblogged this on nanothenutdetectiondog and commented:
    Lola the diabetes alert dog is raising funds for Medical detection dogs 🙂


    • Thank you so much! Just off out to do some more!


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