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Lola’s Gromitathon – the last one in Bristol…

As you know by now, Gromits have appeared all over Bristol, to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital. OH and I are going to donate to that appeal – BUT Lola is visiting each and every Gromit to have her photo taken to raise money for the charity she is trained by – Medical Detection Dogs.

Information on the charity is below on other posts, if you would like to donate please link from here: Lola’s Gromitathon!

Today we visited the last Gromit we had to do in Bristol. It was at Ashton Court – the 850 acre Estate belonging to the people of Bristol. There are fallow and red deer parks, ancient woodlands, meadows, grasslands, formal gardens and a Grade 1 listed Mansion – and a café in a courtyard, which at the moment houses a rather spiffy Gromit.

Here it is – ‘Grant’s Gromit’ painted by Rosie Ashforth, with our Lola:DSC04510

We had left this one till this weekend as last weekend Ashton Court (Lola’s favourite Bristol walk!) was the venue for Britol’s wonderful balloon fiesta. We have now done 77 Gromits – which leaves only 3 to do!!!!

Those 3 however are rather far away… the very last being London, Paddington. We are going to attempt that one tomorrow!

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  1. well done Liz and Lola!! Good luck with the last three 🙂 Jodie and Bud x


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