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N is for Night Heron


Night Heron photo by Paruula on Flikr.


Black-crowned night herons do not look quite like other herons, they have the typical hunched posture, but with shorter necks and legs, which makes their body look stockier.  However when they hunt they extend their neck and look more heron-like.

They have a black shadow on their heads and neck, with two or three white plumes extending down their backs that can be erected in greeting and courtship, white chests and underparts, and grey wings.

Their piercing crimson eyes give them excellent night vision, enabling them to see fish moving under the surface even in the dark.

I agree with the photographer who took this great image – it has a rather chilling glare!



Photo © Paruula on Flikr.

Poem © Liz Brownlee.

Facts from Wikipedia.

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  1. Great poem and captured his stare as if waiting for the fish. Thanks about the moth too-I was wondering about pollen on it’s legs and extra food for the others


  2. Oooh very chilling Liz, I’m glad I’m not a sleepy fish.


  3. I was lucky enough to see Night Herons in the wild in Majorca on several occasions. Amazing to watch. I know in owls, orange eyes can indicate (there are exceptions, as always) that they hunt at dawn and dusk, so I wonder if night herons adhere to this as well.

    The poem fits perfectly and makes me wish I was back out there watching them again.



  4. I enjoy the way the rhythm in this mirrors the high stepping gait of the bird.


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