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A-Z Challenge Reflections


Magnetic poetry image by Natalie Roberts on Flikr.


Well… another A-Z has sped by! Once again, it has amazed me what a variety of blogs there are, and how amazing it is that just 26 letters can express so many words and so many worlds. (If you’d like to play on a magnetic poetry set, visit my website!)

This year I didn’t do any artwork, which left a lot more time for writing the poems to go with the animal facts, and instead I used stunning photographs by a group of excellent photographers.

It was great fun, and much more relaxing – no sitting up very late or even all night finishing paintings…

All I had to do was make sure I did more than one a day for a few days during the challenge, and schedule them so that I could go away on a poetry retreat with my group of wonderful children’s poets in the last week! (I’m in the middle at the back!)


It was wonderful to carry on the buzz I was still feeling from the A-Z during this week of workshopping, reading poetry, writing poetry, singing, and drinking a little wine. Ahem.

As usual I came away from the A-Z with a selection of new blogs to follow and enjoy, richer by a few poems that I will take on and re-edit (and which I was able to read to my fellow poets) and with a load of creative energy to invest in the next few months.

And hopefully the people who came to visit me enjoyed the creatures I wrote about, the poems, and the facts, and maybe some have taken inspiration from them.

I have commented on all the comments and commented back, I think, just have to make my way through the ‘likes’ that I haven’t yet responded to now!

Thank you to my fellow bloggers, and congratulations to all those who made it through to the end! Can’t wait for next year!



Blog: LizBrownlee-poet.

Magnetic poetry image © Natalie Roberts.

Children’s poets image © Liz Brownlee.

Click the title to buy my animal and facts book, Animal Magic (IRON Press).


  1. Neeraj Dubey



  2. suepoemcat

    They’re an attractive bunch aren’t they, particularly like the blond one on the end, oops my mistake that’s me ;0)


  3. Hi Liz.
    My first time here at your place for the Reflection post. Congratulations on crossing that A to Z finishing line.
    Since the A to Z buzz is lingering with you, it tells me that you had a great challenge!
    Nice to meet you! 🙂
    Writer In Transit


  4. hilarymb

    Hi Liz – good to meet via email too … especially as you’re a local yokel like me! And thanks re your suggestions re G+ .. it’s learning all the techie bits and pieces … and I do what I can by myself so far ..

    I’ll be back to read through your entries .. however I was sorry to read about Gerard’s death he was obviously a great mentor, as too his wife ..

    Glad you had a good time … and have some new blogs to follow etc .. and have made new friends … I still have to comment back to comments … still I do what I can to connect and that’s the main thing .. happy week ahead .. cheers Hilary


    • Thanks for your mail, Hilary, looking forward to being in touch!


  5. Magnetic poetry is wonderful. The permutations and combinations of words never fails to surprise, and somehow the charm is immense. I for one certainly enjoy reading your blog, and all that you write about 🙂


  6. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! Glad you had such a good experience 🙂


  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge. 🙂


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