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Lola is in a book!

A little while ago Gaby Morgan at Macmillan got in touch to ask if Lola could be in a new book – Sir Tony Robinson’s ‘Weird World of Wonders – Pets, a Complete History of Our Furry Friends’.



It’s a fabulously interesting look at all types of pet (not just furry ones, despite the alliterative strap line!), and the history of how we started to keep them, train them, and breed them for our own purposes, for work, play and companionship.

In some cases, we have mistreated them – how is very sensitively conveyed for its children’s audience.

Did you know horses are used as guide animals for blind people in America? Well, they are, as they are calm, intelligent and live longer than dogs. It tells you this in the section on assistance animals.

And – Lola is also in this section!



This richly illustrated, wonderfully informative, humorous book is fascinating from cover to cover.


  1. Liz

    How exciting! People will be asking for her autograph next!


    • Three people have asked for, as one, Lorraine, put it, her ‘pawtograph’!


  2. Ann

    How exciting, and what an important part Lola is playing in telling children about this role for animals, Liz. You must be a proud “Mum!”


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