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A Panda from Tenerife

This morning I received a panda in the post – complete with bamboo to keep him going on the long journey from Tenerife to the possibly-soon-not-quite-as-United Kingdom.

A lovely writing friend crocheted him, thank you Liz Young, and for the update that he is crocheted, not knitted! He is gorgeous, and will I’m sure enjoy his time here in our cottage – Lola certainly likes him, and I can see a certain resemblance…

DSC07423 - Version 2

Suffice to say panda will be joining a number of animals and may well accompany me on school visits to illustrate poems. I do in fact have a panda poem… this is it:


The black-eyed panda

eats bamboo,

he spends all day

with piles to chew,

it’s all you see a panda do –

but should snow hide

his stems from view,

too frozen stiff

to nibble through,

he’ll snack on leaves

and bamboo rat –

I bet you didn’t

expect that!


  1. Liz

    Nce poem, Liz – but Panda is crocheted, not knitted!


  2. Liz

    NICE! oops!


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