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National Poetry Day!

Today is National Poetry Day (I may have mentioned this once or twice, before!).

The theme is ‘Remember’ – and Peter my editor husband and I have made a film of animal poetry readings by well-known poets, called ‘Remember the Animals’.

Today I went to QEH school in Bristol to read poems about animals and workshop, after Peter and I visited the square where the film was being shown.

When we got there there was a party of primary school children watching, while having lunch in the sunshine.

As I was talking to Peter, the teacher came over and said the children had spotted me and asked if I was the lady in the video, and if I was, could they talk to me?

So I went over – and they told me they liked ‘Chameleon’, Dolphin’ and ‘Rhino’

Apparently the bigger you are shown on screen the cooler it is and the more you famous you appear, and I had sign autographs. LOL!




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  1. Celia Warren

    Happy National Poetry Day. Only just got online first time for some days. Signal is hopeless here. Also lost connection via laptop. Clicked on your link here on my tablet and it came up with “This film is private”. I’m sure it’s lovely though.

    Had two good days in schools this week – got my mojo back. Phew!


    Love, Celia x


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