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eXtra eXcellent Poet Gerard Benson

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One year ago today, the wonderful Gerard Benson (poet, actor, raconteur, book reviewer, former Barrow Poet, and former teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama) died.

I couldn’t let this day pass without reposting this reminder of what we have lost.



And here, reading his children’s poem, The Cat and the Pig.



Never forgotten.



  1. Oh wow-He is so great in reading these poems and he puts just the right amount of heart into both of them


  2. A wonderful tribute–and aren’t we fortunate to have the videos so that he can reach still more people. Thanks for the introduction–what a lovely voice.

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    • Thanks, Anne. He was a charismatic and generous man, a lovely and loving friend, and a superbly talented poet, who had a surprisingly interesting background, including being a successful code-breaker during the war.


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