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A Grand Appeal!

This year 70 Shaun the Sheep statues have appeared all around Bristol. The Shaun in the City Bristol trail is raising money for The Grand Appeal, The Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity.

Each sheep has been painted by a different artist or celebrity, and they make quite a spectacle. We visited the Gromit trail a couple of years ago and took a photo of Lola sitting on every single Gromit, which was great fun.

This year we are too busy to do so many, but we’ve visited a few, and have already noticed what we noticed last time. The families and people coming to take photos are queuing very amicably to each take a photo. They chat with each other, and compare notes.

The children are learning to take turns and to be patient while other people pose and smile and have their time with each statue.

The Shauns are sponsored by various businesses, and are sold at the end in an auction to raise more money. You can of course buy Shaun memorabilia, but if you want, you can do the whole trail for free, including getting a map to find each Shaun.

Here are a few pictures of Lola on this year’s Shauns – and a poem!


Shaun in the City


Bristol City’s hills so steep

are playing host to Shaun the Sheep,

so many mums, dads, kids and grans

admiring decorated lambs,

with cameras and maps to guide,

suspension bridge to waterside,

we welcome all, and hope you feel

our city has ‘A Grand Appeal’!



‘Starstruck’ at Bristol Parkway Station, designed by Richard Williams and sponsored by Aviva.


‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ at Bristol Grammar School, design, Thunderbirds, sponsored by Bristol Grammar School.


‘Flock and Roll’, at Victoria Rooms, designed by Carys-Ink, sponsored by University of Bristol.


And lastly, ‘Arabian Lights’, at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, designed by Nigel Leach and sponsored by Renishaw. This one was really beautiful – it doesn’t show up in the photo, but there were punched holes in the Shaun and coloured lights inside which shone through.

If you are wondering what to do with your children this holiday, I would recommend this trail – lots of sights to see, Bristol is a wonderful city, plus exercise, and all free, what more could you want!


  1. Oh this is great! I love that Shawn is everywhere and the last picture is my favourite. Your poem is so very sweet as well


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