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National Poetry Day Film, Bright Spark

Today it’s time for the third film in the series of poems about light for National Poetry Day, read by people whose ways of life or jobs are connected to light.

This poem is written by Michaela Morgan, and read by Eleanor Trapp, partner, in John Lewis lighting department.

Thank you very much Michaela Morgan – this poem was written for National Poetry Day – and thank you to Eleanor Trapp for a fabulously ‘lit’ reading!


Poem © Michaela Morgan

Film by Chew Valley Films


  1. this is an excellent reading. really enjoyed it.


    • Thank you! Eleanor read wonderfully, and thanks to John Lewis, the setting is fabulous as well! Of course, it is a grea poem.


  2. Hi Liz,

    Is there anything that I can do to get involved with/promote National Poetry Day?


    Al x


  3. Birgit

    This was great especially done in a light store. It is a hopeful poem and I really like it.


  4. Excellent! And clever idea to read it in the lighting department.


    • Thanks, Eli – the point of this series of films is to get people whose jobs are involved with light, reading a poem about light, in their place of work. The lighting department at John Lewis is particularly wonderful and we were very grateful to them for allowing us to film there.

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