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TWO National Poetry Day Films!

Another two poems in the series leading up to National Poetry Day on October 8th.

The first film is one of our people whose way of life or job is connected to light reading a poem about light.

Bob Guscott, photographer, of Clifton Colour, Bristol, reads Writing Light, for a photographer, by Lesley Saunders.

Thank you very much Lesley Saunders for use of the poem, and Bob Guscott for the reading.

The next film is a ‘mash’. This is a series of people all reading the same poem, Pie Corbett’s After Rain, Light, edited together.

The people are a varied group of all ages approached over a couple of days in the City of Bristol, during July.

Thank you very much Pie Corbett for the use of the poem, and to our readers (in order of appearance): Gemma and Sophie Skelley, Luke Lovell, Amy Berry, Bethany King, Wendy Francois and Kevin, Charlie Shaw, Vicky Soper, Sarah Roberts, and Lindsay and Malcolm Sadler.


Writing Light © Lesley Saunders

After Rain, Light © Pie Corbett

Films by Chew Valley Film



  1. Birgit

    Oh I love both poems! There is so much when someone else reads the poem. The first poem, this gentleman is quite expressive which i great. In the 2nd poem I love the different people reading it and how some, like the one lady really loved the one part she read. It also sounds great in the British dialect.


    • He was very expressive! Yes, we were amazed at how many people and children were happy to read for us, and how well they did it! Truly, poetry is enjoyed by many people.


  2. I adore his hand gestures – obviously an actor as well as a photographer!


  3. And the girls in the star glasses – what European country did they hail from?


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