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Light Poems on Bunting Event!

Light poems read by people with light in their lives is not my only project this National Poetry Day!

On October 10th I’ll be at Waterstones, The Galleries, Bristol, with my GIGANTIC magnetic poetry sets – 120 cm boards with giant words.

This is an event FOR ALL AGES! Come along to play with the words and write your resulting thoughts, lines or poems onto bright yellow card.

These will be added to the bunting ‘beams’ of light poems we want to send as far round Waterstones as we can get!

Over ONE HUNDRED poems have already been sent by famous poets far and wide from this country and abroad.

These will be put on the beams to start us off – so your poem may be next to one by Kenn Nesbitt, the last children’s poet laureate of the USA, or next to one by Pie Corbett, Ian Duhig, Roger Stevens, Philip Ardagh, the CLPE award winners Rachel Rooney or Joseph Coelho, Jan Dean, Bill Sherman, Celia Warren, Coral Rumble, Philip de Vos… or even by me. The list is VERY LONG!

I’m also thrilled to have poems sent by our excellent local poets – Carrie Etter, Dru Marland, Alan Summers, Deborah Harvey, David C. Johnson to name a few.

So see you on the 10th October to shine beams of light poems all round Waterstones!

Here are two poems to keep you going – one by me and one by another Bristol poet, Trevor Parsons. Both will be on the bunting!


Fairy Fly


A fairy fly’s

so very light,

a breath of air

disturbs her flight,


so light, so slight,

so that is why

you’ll never see

a fairy fly!


(Fairy flies are in fact minuscule parasitic wasps, the smallest found in Costa Rica has been given the scientific name Tinkerbella nana. It is only the size of two human hairs wide.)


And here is Trevor Parsons’ poem:


Scientific Thinking


If I could see as far as ever

and light could bend like lead,

I could stand upon a hill and see

the backside of my head.


But light won’t curve that much

and my eyesight’s pretty rotten,

and I’d only see myself that far

if the sun shone from my bottom.


© Trevor Parsons


Yes, it’s true, we have serious poems, beautiful poems, animal poems and also fun poems for you at Waterstones on the 8th of October!





  1. It will be a glimmering, shimmering, scintillating day, Liz!


  2. Both these poems are fun-I am not sure I like a parasitic wasp-sounds nasty actually. I love your poem because i was thinking actual fairies:) The 2nd one is hilarious! You must be looking forward to that fun day ahead


    • Hi, Birgit! These wasps are so small they pose no threat to us – but without them keeping the number of insect eggs down, we would be overcome by larger insects, some of which are more of a threat… locusts, mosquitoes, and other, bigger wasps among them.


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