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National Poetry Day, Carry Me Away

Film number 10 in the series for National Poetry Day!

Where to go to find an old-fashioned projector and a modern-day projectionist? The cultural cinema (and digital creativity centre) Watershed, Bristol of course.

Ewan Dunford gives a lovely reading of Matt Goodfellow‘s beautiful poem, Carry Me Away.

Thanks, Ewan, Matt and Watershed.

National Poetry Day is organised by the Forward Arts Foundation – if you have children or are a teacher you may be interested in this page on their website which features poetry teaching resources.


Carry Me Away © Matt Goodfellow

Filmed at Watershed, Harbourside, Bristol

Film by Chew Valley Films


  1. Birgit

    This is so beautiful and he says it so well


  2. Another beautiful peom read lovingly. I learned how to use one of those projectors about 40 years ago!


    • Did you, Liz! I think we are very lucky to have the Watershed in Bristol, where new media and old can exist side-by-side! I love the way Ewan reads this poem.


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