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National Poetry Day, Angels

Film number 11 for National Poetry Day!

Researching churches to find one that might have a Priest or Vicar that would read a poem for us, I came across the website for the beautiful, ancient church in the centre of Bristol, Saint Stephen’s.

The Priest-in-charge of Saint Stephen’s and Holy Trinity, Hotwells, Reverend Lee Barnes, says in his ‘who’s who’ that he likes poetry. He was therefore the obvious choice!

I was thrilled when he agreed to read Jan Dean‘s fabulous poem, Angels.

Thank you so much Rev. Lee Barnes, Jan Dean for use of the poem, and the community of Saint Stephen’s, Bristol.


Angels © Jan Dean

Filmed at Saint Stephen’s, Bristol

Film by Chew Valley films


  1. This is really beautiful. He read it very nicely. I love angels


    • Jan’s poem is gorgeous, and hearing him read it sent goose-bumps up my arms!


  2. Beautiful poem, and what a setting for the reading!


    • Fabulous isn’t it – the Church was lofty, beautiful, absolutely perfect.


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