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National Poetry Day, Dazzle Dance!

We have a Dazzle Dance for today, as this is the start of National Poetry Day week!

There will be a poem film a day this week until Thursday, NPD!

As I was researching people whose jobs contained light to read poems about light, I thought a fire performer would be fun.

I left messages on various notice boards, but particularly on Circomedia‘s, the Centre for Contemporary Circus with Physical Theatre in Bristol. Then I carried on finding other people and forgot about it.

So it was a lovely surprise when Lydia Wild, who graduated from Circomedia, Bristol 4 years ago, got in touch to say she’d love to be involved with the project.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled, but a little worried about how we would actually carry out the filming – particularly as I was away at the Society of Authors Children’s Writers’ and Illustrators’ Conference when Lydia was free. Luckily Peter, my husband, and professional film editor, who has done all the filming, did it on his own, and the result is mesmerising.

This was another film where I hadn’t received a poem that would work with the subject – this time the wonderful Sue Hardy-Dawson wrote Dazzle Dance for the occasion. A metaphor for a fire dancer – how fabulous is that.

Thankyou to Lydia Elisabeth Wild for her fabulous, fiery performance!

National Poetry Day is organised by the Forward Arts Foundation – if you have children or are a teacher you may be interested in this page on their website which features poetry teaching resources.


Dazzle Dance © Sue Hardy-Dawson

Filmed in Bristol

Film by Chew Valley Films


  1. Reblogged this on Angela Topping and commented:
    more wonders


  2. Ann

    I think was my favourite to date, Liz. The words and pictures were so in tune and the poem was read with such expression, too.


    • Thanks, Ann – Sue is a wonderful poet, and came up trumps when I asked her to write a poem for this performer!


  3. I love this poem! Thanks so much for sharing it. And as Ann says, the reading was so full of expression. 🙂


    • Thank you, Marija! Lydia has done a fabulous job.


  4. Aww Liz, Pete and Lydia all x


    • XXX Your poem is wonderful, Sue.


      • I’m feeling the love and hope you are feeling it back xxx


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