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National Poetry Day, Six Facts About Light

Today is the Eve of National Poetry Day!

Here is the penultimate poem – this is a special extra – a ‘mash’ of children in Bristol on the 8th and 9th of August reading Rachel Rooney‘s poem, Six Facts About Light.

As you will see, they made a fantastic job of it, congratulations, George, Georgina, Faye, Aiyana, Ashwin, Ruhika and Archie.

None of these young people had seen the poem before, we were amazed.

Thank you to all the families involved, the good-natured people of those visiting and those who live in our lovely city, Bristol, and of course to the young people who read.


Six Facts About Light © Rachel Rooney

Filmed on location in Bristol

Film by Chew Valley Films


  1. That was fabulous, Liz!


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