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National Poetry Day Poem Prizewinners!


As the excitement of National Poetry Day fades, I have been reviewing all the wonderful poems written, and the winners have been decided!

Adult category winner – Emlyn Bainbridge, for this lovely poem:


Teenage category winner – Ewan Walton, 14, for his poem, I am a Whisper. 

There were many excellent poems in the children’s section, so four prizes have been awarded:

Children’s category winner – Lillibeth Murdoch, for her poem The Dragon Mountain.

Children’s category winner – Laurie Gray, for his poem A Warm Kiss.

Children’s category winner – Ted Richmond, for his poem The Delicate Dream.

Children’s Category winner – Year 6, Cabot Primary School, for their combined, wonderful poetry lines.

Congratulations to you all on your excellent poems!

Thank you very much to the Forward Arts Foundation for the donation of most of the books for prizes!

The winners will be informed soon when and where they can pick up their prize.


Photographs © Peter and Liz Brownlee





  1. Congrats to the winners!


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