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Animal A-Z Challenge 2016!

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Hello, I’m Liz, that’s my MDD assistance dog, Lola with me, welcome to my Animal A-Z Challenge 2016!

Every day for all of April, except for Sundays, I will be posting a blog about a different endangered animal. Having said that I get so into it sometimes I do an ‘extra’ animal on Sundays! Luckily, without Sundays, there are 26 days in April, so it works out perfectly.

Each post will have a photo of the animal, fascinating facts about it, and a poem – because I’m a poet!

I look forward to visiting the other A-Z Challenge blogs, and I hope you enjoy mine.

If you are new to the April A-Z Challenge, below is the link (click on the image) to get to the list of blogs taking part. There is still time to sign up if you haven’t yet, it’s great fun!







See you soon!



  1. Good luck with the Challenge, Liz. I’ll be posting about animals too, but my theme is Wildlife Encounters – i.e. I will be posting photos and snippets about wildlife I have personally encountered… in the wild!
    I shall look forward to reading your posts.


    • Hi Susan, thank you! And I’ll enjoy reading about your encounters. Lucky you, meeting the real thing, I can only read and research and write about!


  2. I was wondering if I’d see you this year… looking forward to reading your posts!


    • Hello, John, yes, lovely to hear from you, I do enjoy it! I’ll be round to see you, too!

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  3. I remember your blog from last year. It was great fun. Looking forward to more.


    • Hello Antonia, thank you for saying so, your pithy titles and useful info will be visited by me very soon!


  4. Looking forward to your posts as always


    • Hello my my dear, loyal, Birgit! I will be coming to see your creations, how lovely to hear from you!


  5. hey welcome again.See you around this April 🙂


    • Hello, Satya! Looking forward to visiting!

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      • Am doing forms of poetry this month,maybe you could use some for yours,check me out..


      • Oh, what a fab subject – I love using different forms, and I am in a bit of a rut – but I do like using as few words as possible to say what I want to say, so some forms are a bit wordy for me! Looking forward to reading about them.

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      • yeah i know.I too prefer the short and sweet ones,so trying to dig out the ones just for us 😉


      • 🙂


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