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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

F is for Fearful Owl

This excellent and very rare photo of a fearful owl was taken by Lars Petersson, and appears on his very interesting birdwatching and photography blog. The fearful owl, with its white eyebrows and lores (down the sides of its beak) which make a prominent ‘X’ on its face, and attractive, ochre colouring and black streaks, …

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E is for Electric Eel

This image of incredible electric eels is by Walknboston on Flikr. Electric eels are actually not eels at all but a type of fish similar to a catfish – they can reach 8 feet in length. They live in muddy streams that feed into and in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South America. They are extraordinary killers. …

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D is for Dugong

This wonderful picture of an amiable, gentle, slow, inoffensive dugong was taken by Christian Haugen on Flikr. Dugong and their relatives, manatees, both in the order sirenia, are the only completely vegetarian sea creatures. They eat by uprooting whole sea grasses from the ocean floor, detecting them using the bristles on their upper lip, and leave distinctive …

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C is for Caecilian #A-Z Challenge

  This photo of a caecilian is by Dick Culbert on Flikr. An extremely unusual sighting! Caecilians are mysterious creatures, they are very rarely seen as they spend their entire lives underground. They are limbless amphibians with a backbone and are most nearly related to newts, despite the fact they look very like worms! They inhabit …

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B is for Bombardier Beetle #A-ZChallenge

This great close-up photo of a bombardier beetle is by David Hill on Flikr. Love them or hate them (I love them!), insects are the largest group of organisms on the planet – 900,000 of which have been described by science, leaving an estimated 30,000,000 still to be documented! At any one time there are …

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A is for Albatross #A-ZChallenge

Welcome to the first post on my A-Z Challenge, 2016! This fabulous photo of a wandering albatross is by Ed Dunens on Flikr. Wandering albatrosses are huge, they have the largest wingspan of any bird – reaching up to 3.5m, or 11 feet. They use their wings as gliders, locking them into position at the shoulders – using specialist …

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