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NPD Message Poem of the Day

This poem, sent in by poet Sue-Hardy-Dawson to lizpoet @ for the start of the run-up to National Poetry Day, rules given here, is a ‘Poem of the Day’ posted on:


Dear Tiger,


though you are long gone to your Tiger god

I remember your eyes melting forest

your hot ghost of branch and flame walking soft

leaving no trace, no echoes when you left


And Elephant


how could we forget your grey gentleness

and you, the last, could not bury your dead

so many tears how were you not blessed

with no hearts? Better for you we’d not met


To all lost things big and small


that we walk on without knowing and those

we take as our right; each night I lay still

hoping I will never need to write this

just as a small child prays

– don’t let it be true

………. — don’t let it be true

……….— don’t let it be true


© Sue-Hardy-Dawson



  1. Gosh I hope it’s not true. Great poem but very sad because it really harkens to what may very well happen and I hope and pray it does not

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    • hi, Birgit! Yes, Sue loves tigers and elephants, as I do, and it would indeed be a terrible thing.

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  2. Oh, that’s so powerful and what makes me unutterably sad is that in the case of tigers in particular – it probably will come true in my lifetime.

    Susan at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  3. Such a quiet poem, but the sentiment runs deep.

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  4. Only just seen your lovely comments, thank you


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