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45 Days until National Poetry Day!

Are you a poet? There are only 45 days until National Poetry Day, and this year the theme is ‘Messages’.

Do you have a message for the planet, or an animal? Could you write a message poem from an animal, or habitat, or the world, to humanity?

I am collecting message poems of this type on my NPD website, Message Poems to the Planet.

There are PRIZES to be won – Forward Arts Foundation and Macmillan Children’s Books are donating books for the best poems. 


The rules are:

The poem must be a message from one being to another, or maybe a habitat like the sea to a human. I particularly like sustainability poems – from a hunter to an elephant, from the elephant to a hunter, perhaps.

The poem must be on a Word document and include on the same document your name, contact details and age if under 18.

The poem must be suitable for posting on the family-friendly website and contain no libel or defamation.

The poem’s suitability for posting will be judged by me and no correspondence will be entered into about why a poem has not been posted or won a prize.

Suitable poems will be tweeted from now until National Poetry Day, October 6th.

Some ways to start a message poem:

This is just to say…


I am sorry…

I have to tell you…

I love you because…

Tweet your own poem with one of the hashtags:



Don’t forget to include me – @lizpoet, so I can retweet you!


One of my own children’s poems is called ‘Dear Bee’ and can be found here.

You can find lots more information about National Poetry Day and all the National Poetry Day Ambassadors on the Forward Arts Foundation Ambassadors website, here.

You can find message poems posted there on all subjects and in all styles – go and find some inspiration!

There are also some badges, logos, stamps and posters to download.



If you have video capabilities and your poem has been posted on the message poems website, send me a link a video of you reading it, on Youtube – if it is of good enough quality and suitable I may post it in the video section of the message poems website, and on here.

Have fun!

Please comment here! Thank you!

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