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Monthly Archives: September, 2016

Giving your Message Poems for National Poetry Day

The theme of National Poetry Day 2016 is messages, and it would be lovely if everyone who has written a message poem for the day could give their poem to someone… I have come up with a couple of creative ways you can give your nature message to another person. This message poem was written by …

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Coastlands School Messages Poems for National Poetry Day

I received a wonderful package of message poems, written by her class, from Wenda Davies, teacher at Coastlands School, Pembrokeshire. . Horse . Dear Horse, You gallop round happily, You walk and trot and jump And then you get your hay and treats – You get all of the love. Oh how I wish to …

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Authors for Refugees

I’m taking a break from National Poetry Day to let you know about this exciting event: Fiona Dunbar, author of excellent middle grade books, has masterminded and organised an event called Authors for Refugees. Information from that page: “This is an online auction to provide urgent aid to refugees held in camps around Europe, and to …

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A Message Poem for National Poetry Day by Debbie Singh

This poem was sent to me for National Poetry Day – it cannot be entered for my NPD competition as it is not a message from someone or something to someone or something to do with the natural world… but it is a very poignant poem, so in this one instance, I’m posting it here. . …

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NPD Poem of the Day, The Witness, by John Rice

A rather beautiful image poem today from poet John Rice: . . The Witness .. . © John Rice

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NPD Poem of the Day – Mind That Sickle! by David C Johnson

. Todays wonderful message poem comes from poet and artist David C Johnson, of Bristol. . Mind that Sickle! . I had just finished my shift. I’d been buzzing all day And was looking forward to putting up my feet, All six, back home, down in my shaft. When you came along with your crashing,flashing …

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NPD Poem of the Day, by Nicola Jackson

. Poem of the Day is this fabulous message sent in by Nicola Jackson: . . Dear Earth, . . Keep the high combes fluted with flaked grey rock, the empty places where the Steinadler soars, where shattered scree chutes tumble into darkness and turquoise glacier pools feed the torrents’ roar. . As ice rivers shrink, …

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