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Giving your Message Poems for National Poetry Day

The theme of National Poetry Day 2016 is messages, and it would be lovely if everyone who has written a message poem for the day could give their poem to someone…

I have come up with a couple of creative ways you can give your nature message to another person.

This message poem was written by Kyle Bowen from Coastlands School (see all the wonderful poems form them on my last post).

I decided to see if there was a way of putting it on a spinning seed to throw in the air so that whoever it lands near can read it – and there is!

First – cut a slim strip of paper, which is wide enough to write the poem on:



Second, fold the paper so the poem in inside, once, and once again until you have a thin strip:

dsc01052 dsc01054

Fold the strip in half in he other direction, and then bend back on of the arms at a right angle, and repeat with the other – write open me on both sides:

dsc01057 dsc01059 dsc01065

Attach a paper clip weight:



Then you are ready to throw it into the air as high as you can and see it spin to the feet of someone who will hopefully pick it up and read the message poem!


Next post, illustrating or enclosing your poem with an origami paper animal!



Poem © Kyle Bowen, Coastlands School

Paper Sycamore seed fold from and © Planet Science.


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