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Post your Message Poem at Wild Oats, Bristol!


Do you live in or around Bristol? Until tomorrow you can post your message poem for National Poetry Day in the post box at Wild Oats Natural Foods and health store, Lower Redland Road, Bristol.

Your poem should be a message from you to the world, or wildlife, or a wild place – or a message from wildlife to humanity. So a message to an elephant or a rainforest that is being logged, perhaps. Or from a bat whose fruit trees are being cut down. From the ocean to a waste-pipe. Or perhaps you’d like to write love song to a frog?

Whatever your message poem, post it, or email it to lizpoet @ gmail. com.

Don’t forget there are some fabulous prizes – these beauties generously donated by Forward Arts Foundation:

DSC00953 (1)

And these fabulous anthologies (both of which I am in) generously donated by Macmillan Children’s Books:


So what are you waiting for? GET WRITING!!

Please comment here! Thank you!

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