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Free ebook for National Poetry Day which is TOMORROW!



This is it – isn’t it a beautiful thing? Below is what it says on the PanMacmillan website about the book:

A poetry book to celebrate National Poetry Day 2016 with poems on the theme of messages from Matt Goodfellow, Rachel McCrum, Deborah Alma, Brian Moses, Liz Brownlee, Michaela Morgan, Jan Dean, Paul Cookson, Roger Stevens, Joseph Coelho, Joshua Seigal, Rachel Rooney, Sophie Herxheimer and Sally Crabtree.

National Poetry Day is the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical, a special day on which all are invited to discover and share the enjoyment of poems.

We hope that the poems in this book – all inspired by this year’s National Poetry Day theme of messages – will kindle an enthusiasm for poetry that continues to grow long after the day itself, Thursday 6 October 2016, has passed.

Well, that says it all, really – don’t forget to switch into Twitter mode to catch some of the wonderful poems being tweeted, and why not tweet a message poem yourself? #national poetryday #sayitwithapoem

To get this FREE book, click here!


  1. Hope National Poetry Day goes well, Liz!


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