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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Beth Martin, Ardingly College Prep.

Dear Human…


The stars, they shine without a reason,

the world it spins, to change the season,

Blue rivers bubble and wave and flow,

A silver moon gleams, but in the morning goes.


Yet humans fight without a cause,

and actions change into these wars,

Peace is a word you seem not to know,

You cut down trees, they fall like dominoes.


Butterflies flutter and lie in the sun,

And frogs they hope and catch flies on their tongue,

Deer in the forest, they leap and prance,

Whilst under the seas, small fish dance.


Yet humans kill without a motive,

Why do you hurt me with deadly explosives?

Love is a word that you never show,

Though perhaps you once did, many winters ago.


Dear human, I hope that one day you’ll see,

That all of this hurt you burden on me,

Has consequences, outcomes, results and effects,

And all of the damages and times of neglect,

Have an impact on your future and your tomorrow,

I hope you won’t let children live in a world of sorrow,

I hope you can rebuild me, change what you’ve done,

Please human, help me and your only true battle will be won.


© Beth Martin  (12) Ardingly College Prep., West Sussex

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