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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Bernard Young

To The Great Provider


Dear Great Provider,

This is to thank you

for the delicious cheese

you so thoughtfully provide.

Thank you.



(and I do hope this doesn’t seem ungrateful)

would it be possible to place it

by the side of our hole

and not on the spikes

of the thing that snaps

when we take a bite?

That would be most helpful.


It’s just that,

as you may or may not know,

a member of my family

(my precious daughter to be precise)

has not returned from dining out

and we fear her disappearance

may have something to do

with the fierce snappy thing.

It doesn’t like mice!

(This is not a criticism.

We would sooner pull out our own whiskers

than question your unquestionable wisdom.

We know you move in mysterious ways.)


Once again, Great Provider,

thank you for the wonderful cheese.

It’s irresistible.


Yours humbly and appreciatively,

Montague Mouse


© Bernard Young


  1. Fabulous. The unquestionable faith the leaves questions!


  2. This is wonderful – and an indictment of blind faith!


  3. Oh, I loved that one, Liz!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


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