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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Darcey Frankland

Message to the Rainforest – I Will Try


Dear rainforest,

I will try to stop them cutting you down,

it won’t be easy, people treat you like a clown.

I will write to the government, king and queen,

even if you are starting to lean.


I will try to let the birds have a house,

it will also help out the louse.

the oxygen you produce is how we live,

I think it’s time for the people to give.


Without paper we can survive.

No oxygen, well, we won’t be alive.


I will try to stop them cutting you down,

no promises, if this is the end, you were great,

you deserve a crown.


Don’t know how it will go, I will try

From Darcey (the human).


© Darcey Frankland  (12)

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