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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Heather F Reid

Another great poem from Heather!


Letters of Apology


Dear black and white cat who I chased up a tree,
why did you hiss at me so viciously?

I didn’t intend to upset you that way,
I hoped we’d be friends and you’d hang out and play.

Well, when I say play, I mean I chase, you run,
because, isn’t that how dogs and cats should have fun?

You’re furry and purry, so, please cat, descend

Your trustworthy Labrador friend



Dear Billy

Your letter was gladly received
as it’s been half a day since I fled up this tree.

Forgive my poor manners, I misunderstood,
I assumed your intention was harm and not good

when you bounded towards me, all bark and sharp teeth;
you were just being friendly? Well that’s a relief!

I’m afraid being chased isn’t really my scene
but if you would like to call round for some cream

and a doze in the sunshine I’m sure I’d like that.

Your neighbourly black and white cat




© Heather F Reid

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