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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Laura Crooks, Ardingly College Prep.

Apology to the World


Dear World,


I am sorry for ruining your territory,

for destroying your forests,

for killing your future,

for not being honest.


I am sorry for the rhinos,

for the horns I took,

for the meat I stole,

for making it cook.


I am sorry for the panda,

for the polar bear,

for the leopard,

for the hare.


I am sorry for the orangutan,

for the dolphin,

for the tiger,

for the orphans.


I am sorry for the refugees,

for the breaths

for the tiredness,

for the deaths.


Dear world, is it too late,

or can we start over?


From Laura Crooks


© Laura Crooks  (12)

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