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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Olivia Jocic, Ardingly College Prep.

Dear old oak


I’m sorry

I’m sorry we cut you down

I’m sorry that you’re on the ground

Just because I said I’m sorry

Doesn’t mean you have to accept my apology

And now you’re paper

I won’t be able to use you later

because now I have written this letter

(and covered you all in glitter).

Although you may

not be the same

I think you’re beautiful

no matter your name,





But you know I love you

no matter what,

even if you were turned inot an old grandfather clock

you will always find a special place in my heart

even if I’m in the dark

I’m sorry,

and please do accept my apology,

and I hope you know I send this with love,

and forgive us all for all of the above,





© Olivia Jocic  (12)

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