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National Poetry Day Message Poem by Pie Corbett

Message for the Mosquito who shares my bedroom.


I’m fed up

with the way

you keep me awake.


You wait

till I’ve just turned out the light

and settled down

for a good night’s zizz

before starting up

your irritating whine,


‘Mister Mosquito

is out for a bite.’


At any second

I expect to feel you

puncture my skin

and suck my blood.


Tiny vampire,

I am not your personal

Ketchup bottle.

If I find you’ve settled nearby,

I’ll swat you flat.

Be warned –

go pester

some other

sauce of blood.


© Pie Corbett


  1. I sympathise with Pie. After 15 years in the trpics i know how it feels!


    • I feel blessed not to have had this trouble! But you know, the male ones that make the noise don’t eat you – it’s the silent female ones you need to look out for!


  2. Loving that last line that serves to swat the mosquito with the words!


  3. Eunice otieno

    Is there an audio for this


    • There are lots of fabulous videos of Pie performing. And many of the other poets here!


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