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One Minute till Bedtime Blog Tour



Today, many of the authors published in this wonderful book, published on December 8th, are posting a poem that they sent for consideration but which didn’t make it into the book – interesting from a number of angles!

Here is the link to Jackie Hosking’s Blog, where you will find the the blog addresses for all the participants – One Minute till Bedtime Blog Tour.

With poems from the world’s best children’s poets, selected by Kenn Nesbitt (ex-US Children’s Poet Laureate) and charming illustrations by Christoph Niemann, the book will make a gorgeous Christmas present.

So – I suppose you’ll want to see my poem that was not selected… (I do have one in there) and here it is!


The Mother Bird’s Song


I’ll gather silver cobwebs

with soft mosses for my nest,

and keep my chicks all safe at night

hugged in my feathered breast


I’ll spend all hours hunting

caterpillars in the leaves

to answer every peep

and open beak all saying please


I’ll show them how to preen

when they start feathering,

teach them pride in who they are

so they’ll know how to sing


I’ll help them try their wings,

climb the air and learn to fly,

so one day the wind will take them,

to be free as song and sky.


© Liz Brownlee



Do take the the blog tour, there are many fabulous poets showcased on their own blogs and on Jackie’s!


  1. A sweet and lovely poem Liz, I can just picture the mother bird and her chicks 🙂


  2. What a lovely maternal poem – it ought to be sung asa nursery rhyme!


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