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Reaching the Stars – my new book, with Jan Dean and Michaela Morgan

It arrived this morning from Macmillan – this beautiful book!



Working with the wonderful and lovely Jan Dean and Michaela Morgan, this was a pleasure to write! Published by Macmillan, and published on March 9, (cover art by StephSays Hello), you can order it here.

It has been timed to chime with the 100th anniversary of New York passing legislation to give women the right to vote in 1917.

Suffragettes and members of the  National Woman’s Party, known as the  “Silent Sentinels” because of their silent protests, picketed the White House in the United States that led to the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1918, making it illegal to deny a vote on the grounds of sex.

Following protest of all types from suffragettes in the UK, in 1918 parliament in the United Kingdom also granted the vote to women over 30 who were householders, the wives of householders, occupiers of property with an annual rent of £5, and graduates of British universities.

The book doesn’t just celebrate the achievements of suffragettes for womanhood, however – it has poems about extraordinary women whose achievements, scientific discoveries and lives have been overlooked by the history books simply because they were women.

A must for every school that contains extraordinary women and girls (of course, all girls are extraordinary – and boys too!).



  1. Thea, O"Brian

    Congratulations to you! I was so proud of myself when I saw my published work,


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